Corporate Social Responsibility

Coração Delta Association

Coração Delta (Delta Heart), the Grupo Nabeiro social solidarity association, was created with the aim of developing social projects involving volunteer work and social support in the communities. Its associates are the companies belonging to Grupo Nabeiro and their employees.
The Coração Delta Association has recently created several facilities and services necessary for the development of the communities, such as the Alice Nabeiro Educational Centre, early intervention, a support service for children and youths, volunteer work and projects geared to the environment and citizenship.

Alice Nabeiro Educational Centre

Opened in 2007, the Alice Nabeiro Educational Centre is committed to the comprehensive formation of children through the implementation of innovative projects and experiences, thereby developing an entrepreneurial spirit in the same. This educational project is based on the importance of the role children will play in the creation of a more just future.
The purpose of the Alice Nabeiro Educational Centre is to help guarantee children and young people from the communities have access to a full-time educational and cultural programme covering the entire range of formation needs and vocational requirements of the universe of students it is aimed at. This establishment has room for 115 children from 3 to 12 years of age, and strives to create future leading entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the creation of this educational centre helps balance the personal and professional life of Grupo Nabeiro employees.

Entrepreneurship Manual

The Entrepreneurship Manual – Ideas for Changing the World was compiled by CEAN in 2008 and arose from the concern of Grupo Nabeiro with regard to children developing and improving skills, abilities and an entrepreneurial spirit. This pilot project was presented to the Ministry of Education and introduced to the schools which accepted the challenge in Portugal and Spanish Estremadura in 2009.

Volunteer Work

The Grupo Nabeiro Corporate Volunteer Programme was conceived quite naturally, the result of the contagion of the manner in which Commander Rui Nabeiro has run his business, permanently aware of the needs of the community and of the underprivileged. Hence, the project known as "Um Coração Chamado Delta" (A Heart Named Delta) was created in March 2000.
The group of volunteers has grown and now comprises 35 individuals with the mission of "promoting humanization, good will and peace by means of assistance and initiatives geared to a better world in the struggle against indifference".
The volunteer group was recently restructured, whereby small cells were created to meet the needs of the community and the appetite of the volunteers, based on continuous training.

Early Intervention

The early intervention service supports children of up to 6 years of age with problems in relation to development in the socio-educational and therapeutic areas. This service was developed by a multidisciplinary technical team composed of a social assistant, a psychologist, two children´s teachers, a speech therapist and an occupational therapist, operating in the districts of Arronches, Monforte and Campo Maior.
The service for the support of the development of children and young people provided assessment appointments with CADIN for children from the community aged 6 or over.

Tempo Para Dar (Time To Give)

In partnership with SIC Esperança, Delta Cafés has developed the “Tempo para Dar” (Time to Give) project focusing on diminishing the loneliness of old people, supporting some of the institutions from the SIC Esperança network performing volunteer work.
This goal was achieved through the acquisition of suitable equipment to enhance the performance of the volunteer work carried out by these institutions. Funds were raised through the sale of the ¼ kg Chávena batch which sponsored this cause with a picture alluding to Tempo para Dar.
This initiative lasted from September to December 2009 and raised around 100,000 euros for 3 institutions: Associação Coração Amarelo – the purchase of a 9-seater van with a ramp; CENSO - Centro Social e Paroquial Padre Agostinha Caldas Afonso – the purchase of 120 emergency alert wristbands connected to the Guarda Nacional and the fire brigade; Centro Social e Paroquial de Paderne – the purchase of a 9-seater vehicle.
Tempo para Dar culminated in the Christmas gala broadcast on SIC under the name "Natal de Esperança"(Christmas of Hope), which encouraged over 300 people to volunteer to work with senior citizens.

Fábrica Dos Sonhos (Factory Of Dreams)

Due to the fact a smile is worth so much, Delta Q and Sonae Sierra forged a partnership over the Christmas period in 2009 to create the Fabrica dos Sonhos. The main purpose of this project was to disclose and support Terra dos Sonhos, a non-profit making organisation geared to the improvement of the quality of life of children suffering from chronic diseases by making what seemed to be impossible dreams come true.
The initiative was held in CascaiShopping and NorteShopping for a month and a half and managed to raise enough funds to fulfill the dreams of 7 children by sending them on a trip to Disneyland in Paris.

New Opportunities

Grupo Nabeiro/Delta Cafés and the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (I.E.F.P.) recently signed a protocol within the scope of the New Opportunities Initiative, which has been providing vital support to the needs in relation to the requirements for the development of the economies based on knowledge.
This governmental initiative has been promoting the widespread mobilization of Portuguese society, including the special participation of the institutions responsible for the training and education of young people and adults, in addition to the companies which undertake to act as active and strategic partners in the implementation of training solutions and contribute to adapt training to the needs of the employment market and thereby facilitate the professional integration of qualified young people.
This protocol is basically geared to the joint promotion of training courses as a means of reinforcing and diversifying dual certification training activities at secondary level, developed on an alternate basis with a view to raising the skill levels of young people prior to joining the employment market. Specifically, and in response to the most urgent needs of the employment market in the region, courses are due to be held between 2008 and 2011 in the fields of Electricity and Energy (Cooling and Heating) and Metallurgy and Metalomechanics, aimed not only at employees but at the entire surrounding community.

The Inclusion Of Former Prison Inmates

Delta Cafés has signed a protocol with the Lisbon Prison Establishment for the implementation of a workshop for the repair of coffeemakers, grinders and dish washers. Training was thereby provided as a means of promoting the social reintroduction of former prison inmates to the employment market. The services provided are paid for by Delta Cafés, with the aim of improving the self-esteem of these citizens and creating skills for a closer future.