Environmental Responsibility

Ambiente Delta

The main purpose of the project is to promote a reduction in environmental impact, specifically through the consumption of less paper, electricity, water and fuel throughout the Group´s companies. In order to put the Ambiente Delta project into motion a network of Sustainability Ambassadors was created, composed of one employee from each company and commercial department, which enabled us to consolidate the policy of sustainability and underline the sense of belonging at Delta Cafés.

Recycling Of Machinery Mission

The purpose of the recycling mission was to make consumers aware of the need to separate and dispose of unwanted electrical household equipment in the correct location. Delta Q and Amb3E formed a partnership to develop an awareness campaign which was conducted over a period of more than two months in 22 towns and cities throughout mainland Portugal. The result of this lengthy initiative saw 2,000 old pieces of machinery deposited in the recycling containers. The recovery of this waste went towards planting trees in the municipality of Portalegre, which will benefit the entire local ecosystem in the short term and provide more leisure areas, improving the quality of life of the residents of the region.