Delta Cafés on the highest restaurant in the world

Delta Cafés on the highest restaurant in the world

Campo Maior, 28th April 2017 – The highest restaurant in the world, At.mosphere & Lounge, located in Dubai and certified by Guinness World Records, is already a client of Delta Cafés.

This exclusive restaurant, which won several awards such as that of the most romantic restaurant for 2016 by Time Out Dubai, is located on the 122nd floor, at the height of 442m, of Burj Khalifa Bin Zayid building. This skyscraper is also certified by Guinness as the tallest building in the world, standing 828 metres tall and with 160 floors. It is an icon in the city of Dubai, visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world due to its unique view.

Marked by a renowned cuisine and an elegant decor, At.mosphere & Lounge restaurant (, belongs to one of the major real estate companies in Dubai, the EMAAR Group, which chose the favourite coffee brand of the Portuguese to be used exclusively in this unique and particular space, thus acknowledging the quality of Delta coffee.


The Group already operates in six out of the seven Emirates

The Nabeiro-Delta Cafés Group began operating in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) less than a year ago, in partnership with a local distributor. It currently operates in six out of the seven Emirates, with clients ranging from world-famous hotels to restaurants, with Delta Cafés and Delta Q brands, as well as with Mayor machines, produced at Campo Maior.

The Group intends to keep consolidating its position in this market by winning new clients and to consistently increase distribution of the brands in benchmark places, thus helping brands developing worldwide.

Besides being directly present in 8 countries - Portugal, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Angola, China and Brazil – the Nabeiro-Delta Cafés Group operates indirectly in over 30 other countries, by means of partnerships established with local distributors. This focus reflects the strategic importance of international markets.

‘It is another important step towards the internationalisation of the Group and the brands. This new partnership is strategic for our Group, because it will help our brands develop in an increasingly competitive market. We keep thinking globally and acting locally, considering each situation as unique and on a case-by-case basis and contributing to the sustainable growth of the business. We won another client with a view to providing a full experience at the highest place in the world. This new win is a source of pride to all, from collaborators to lovers of the brand’, stressed Rui Miguel Nabeiro, Director of Nabeiro - Delta Cafés Group.


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