Human resources


Human resources management aims to satisfy the needs of Delta by selecting, preparing and training the best talent. It aims to work actively to meet the needs of staff, increase their competence and create conditions for their personal and professional development, striving to stimulate their creativity and personal initiative, in pursuing the objectives of the organisation.
The management of people is oriented through a set of policies that are based on the following principles:

  • Professional development;
  • Equal opportunities;
  • Creation of new skills through a model of continuous training;
  • Safety and health;
  • Freedom of expression;
  • Development of staff in research activities;
  • Respect for human rights as enshrined in the main international conventions;
  • A good working climate focusing on development of human relations;
  • Professional and social fulfilment;
  • Initiative and creativity;
  • Professional improvement through career plans;
  • Non-discrimination.