A reliable brand

Delta Coffee is recognised for its constant search for excellence and innovation.

In 1994 it received NP 29002 quality certification, which made it a pioneer at national level; and it was also the first Portuguese brand to satisfy the international standard for evaluation of social responsibility under the standard, SA8000.

Delta Coffee follows a policy of overall quality from the origin to the end consumer. This policy includes the entire cycle of coffee, from acquisition of the raw materials, subsidiary materials, production, sales, after-sale support and customer support.

A Novadelta, Comércio e Industria de Cafés, S.A., a company dedicated to roasting for the Delta coffee brand, developed a system of integrated management that incorporates the systems for quality, hygiene and food health, environment, health and safety at work and social responsibility. In addition the brands, Delta Diamante, Delta Platina, Delta Platinum, Delta Ouro and Delta Oro have received production certification.