Innovation policy

Delta Coffee has developed a strategy of active incremental innovation, which demands considerable effort and all-round commitment on the part of the group.

To carry out this strategy, Delta has opted for design capacity, in the quality of its resources and continuous investment in new methods of production so it is possible to guarantee improvements in existing products and processes, thus increasing the quality of the product and productivity.

The majority of the innovations generated in the company are often a result of assimilation of knowledge picked up from the production process (learning by doing), use of products (learning by using) and also the interaction between the company and consumers (learning by interacting). Over the last two years, there has been an increase in R&D investment. The research and new design team at Delta consists of a permanent team that is dedicated solely to encouraging and developing technological competences within the company.

In terms of new design, the objective of which is to satisfy the needs of the various stakeholders, we would like to show the most relevant:

  • Personalisation of sugar sachets, both for clients and as a vehicle for institutional communication via regional and national campaigns;
  • Personalisation of cups and other complementary products to add value to the service provided by our clients;
  • Significant changes in the design or packaging of goods and services;

In terms of innovation projects, we would like to highlight the most important projects:

  • Expansion of the range of goods and/or services and entry to new markets (concentrated juices - Del' Fruit; Iced coffees - Del' Ice);
  • Reduction of working costs per unit produced of goods and/or services;
  • Reduction of energy consumption and materials per unit produced of goods and/or services;
  • Reduction of environmental impact and/or improvement in health, hygiend and work safety;
  • Creation of the concept of Delta Q coffee capsules;