Delta Q

Delta Q / Exclusive system

The Delta Q system , is an exclusive and patented coffee capsule system.

Packaged in a protective atmosphere, the coffee contained in each capsule contains a standard of quality and sensory characteristics that are constant in each dose from the first to the last day of its validity.

By revealing the content of each capsule only when it is opened inside your machine, this system ensures efficiency and functionality, but more importantly, the guarantee of a perfect espresso.

Delta Q / Exclusive products

Power Coffee innovation

Delta Q Power Coffee is coffee with twice the caffeine of normal coffee.

Delta Q Power Coffee is the ideal coffee for everyone who needs an extra does of energy for particularly demanding activity. The increased level of caffeine comes exclusively from natural ingredients - guaraná and ginseng - and it has been proven that it:

  • Helps to improve concentration
  • Contributes to an increase in endurance
  • Helps to increase alertness

Delta Q / Exclusive products

Delta Q red espresso innovation.

Red espresso is the first espresso tea capsule in the world, made with 100% natural radios, which is caffeine free, with antioxidants and a unique flavour.

It is made from the rooibos plant, which is only produced in a small region of the world and only consumed as an espresso in the Delta Q capsule.

Delta Q / I&D

Core elements of the brand, the research and development that feed Delta Q, are based in Portugal and they are an integral part of the company.

The source of the best coffee, which now provides a reliable perfect espresso around the world, is in Portugal.

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