Delta Barista Academy

As part of our constant concern to train our clients and increase the level of quality in products and services provided, the Nabeiro Group / Delta Coffee invested in a professional school for the coffee sector: the Delta Barista Academy.

Part of the Centro Internacional de Pós-Graduação Comendador Rui Nabeiro, it was a clear investment in training, professionalism in the restaurant trade and increased profitability of business for Delta Coffee customers.

The mission of the coffee team at the Delta Barista Academy is to inform, suggest, accompany and develop the best that the world of coffee has to offer, transforming knowledge into advantages for business.

The main contribution of the Delta Barista Academy is undoubtedly to continously train customers of Delta Coffee, giving them the tools to manage their own businesses in an original and innovative way, to develop a differentiating service based on promotion of the culture of coffee.

The Delta Barista Academy has invested in training and promotion of the idea of the barista, promoting celebration of barista championships in the Iberian Peninsula. The barista is a professional who is technically trained to serve coffee and coffee-based drinks, with the main objective of a perfect espresso.

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